Sample What Is Possible

Sample What Is Possible

“I have always loved to work with plastic, as it is a reflection of human intelligence. Men have not created wood or stone, but plastic is the result of human creativity.” -Philippe Starck

Let’s make meaningfully.

Let’s make something that’s not “just another widget.” Instead, let’s push the envelope and make an impact on our clients, our community and our environment. Let’s deconstruct traditional risk-averse manufacturing silos and build a new model of making that is holistic, courageous and accountable.

Let’s influence the next revolution of US manufacturing.

As a plastics manufacture, we recognize the impact and importance the medium of plastic has on our community and environment. As such, we believe we have an inherent responsibility to challenge the status quo of what is (or is not) possible and optimize, source and use plastic in a meaningful way.

Anchored in continuous improvement and innovation, experimentation of the medium of plastic is at our core. This has allowed us to sample a wide range of materials, from traditional sources to those composed of recycled plastics and materials. We collaborate with makers of all types, including resin suppliers and manufacturing partners, from ideation to final production. 

Curiosity and human creativity developed these innovative materials, but it was our responsibility as environmental stewards and partners that resulted in our Materials Library.

Our Materials Library allows our clients to explore the plastic medium through samples of traditional resins to bioplastics and up-cycling opportunities. We process all resins, from food-grade to medical-grade, PP, PE, nylon, PC, ABS, TPW/TPU, copolyester, PVC, glass-filled, talc-filled, clear and flexible, in addition to innovative, new materials such as those composed of cork, agave, coconut, rice, wood composites, starch and various other fibers. 

Our Materials Library is an asset to our design lab and manufacturing house. Through these efforts, we are now able to provide a wider lens and purview on bioplastics and reclaimed material waste, including its true impact and carbon footprint. It also allows our makers the ability to highlight, display and showcase materials while educating our clients and potential partners on material specifications, tolerances and applications.

Let’s work together to explore the possibilities of plastic to produce meaningful products. Contact us at to learn more.