M4 x Sustainability: Our Vision Forward

M4 values the medium of plastic. We create in and hold it sacred with all resources.

We believe we have an obligation and responsibility when in the plastic space to show up to the table to have the dialogue, explore and challenge what is possible, and offer alternatives and solutions that are viable.

And we are curious and passionate enough to do it, while also recognizing and taking into consideration the carbon footprint or expended resources to derive at alternatives.

Untitled design (8).png

We believe there are several initiatives worth exploring in our design + manufacturing house: 

  1. Thought leader and expert of materials, which includes an expanded material library.

  2. Collaborating with clients and material vendor partners to challenge what is possible, to test it out, and to provide POVs.

  3. Considering all options. Recyclable, Reusable, Regrind, Repurposed, Bioplastic.

  4. Demanding of the business that we view this valuable resource as just that. Valuable.  Create solutions for waste, scrap and obsolescent material, and find alternative uses, so it does not end up in landfill.

  5. Exploring alternative business models which highlight the upcycle, recycle, cyclical model.

  6. Being mindful that output and consumption can be viewed in all aspects of the business. To challenge that we operate with operational excellence, have partners with similar perspectives, and honor conscious capitalism and thoughtful making — whenever and wherever possible.

  7. Continuing to embrace the durable use, non-disposable outlets for plastic in products.

  8. Remembering where we came from and the historical alternatives. Be a champion for plastic. Consciously.

  9. Embracing the medium we operate within and remember it is a source of and for creativity. Push the boundaries and honor the artistic form of creation and representation. Inclusive of artists in residence at the M4 house and M4 initiated art including our Purging Project.

Interested in learning more about our sustainability efforts? Contact us.