M4 Teammate Spotlight: Sujit Sheth, COO

I recently sat down with Sujit Sheth, Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Matrix 4, to get his take on manufacturing, technology and how M4 is breaking the mold as a 21st-century manufacturer.

I was fortunate to cross paths with him at last years Alliance Golf Outing. After learning more about him and his passions, I knew we needed him on the M4 team. He’s been onboard for a little over six months and his experience and tenure in the industry have already added meaningful insight and leadership to our organization.

Here’s what he has to say:

For our readers, can you share a little about your background and experiences in manufacturing and your role at M4?

I started with M4 about six months ago as the COO, overseeing the operations and day-to-day business activities.

My entire background is in operations—from the time I graduated college I've been in injection molding and operations. My most previous role before this expanded beyond operations, into business development and developing a technology product line for injection molders.

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As much as I enjoyed that and love the business development sales side of it, my passion is operations. The opportunity for me here arose after meeting you and talking more about M4. I learned more about what you are doing with the company and what you've done over the last three years, it was right up my alley from a career standpoint.

It was an exciting opportunity—to be part of a company that is growing the way it is and get in on the ground floor of the growth stage. It was really just a perfect fit at the right time.

A perfect fit for us as well! Where do you envision the company going and growing from an operations perspective?

You see the differences from a few years ago till now with the technology on the production floor. More automation and more robots. I think that's the early stages of it.

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There's a lot more automation that can occur on the production floor. There's a lot of automation that can occur throughout the entire operation, not just on the production floor but with the implementation of IQMS, being able to tie the entire organization together and have everybody running on one platform is gonna be key.

From an operations standpoint, just having that production reporting visibility on a day-to-day basis, understanding inventory levels, being able to really manage the business.

Previously, it was a bit of a challenge with what we had and the technology we had in place. I think that technology is gonna be a significant part of the growth going forward.

And as we move forward beyond just automation with robots, conveyor systems and things like that, the age of Big Data is here. Our path for continued growth will be using the equipment to gather and collect meaningful data, analyzing that data, and helping optimize the efficiencies and the performance in the plant.

What makes M4 unique and different from other companies you've worked with in the industry?

A lot of companies look at the dollars and don't see the value, whereas they get in that mindset of "we've always done it this way, we can continue to do it that way," without bringing in that automation or the systems that we're talking about.

With M4, that mindset is totally different. We’re always looking to drive the organization to the next step. We want to be on the leading edge of it, not the following.

Having ownership like that that's willing to make that investment, that's willing to put the right people into the right positions to make that happen, and bringing in people that have that experience.

It is a big difference from what I've seen from other customers and other companies I've been at.

Awesome. I’m so proud of our teammates for being on board with our vision and committing to getting us to the next level.


When we talk about #makemeaningfully, what is your interpretation of that? How do you see yourself making meaningfully on the operations side?

I think looking at what we do and how we do it, making sure we're doing the right things by our customers, by the people that work in the plant, that work in the company and for the community.

Just being able to look at all those different aspects and see how we can impact all of those in a positive way.

Having good company culture, a workforce that supports what we're trying to do, and then from an environmental standpoint looking at how we do things, how we do things more efficiently or being able to use repurposed material, being able to repurpose other things that we're doing in the plant so that we're not adding to the problems that we see in the environment.

On several different fronts, that phrase applies to just about everything we do and everybody that we touch whether it be internally or externally.

Thanks so much for chatting today, Sujit. You are a huge asset to our team.

It’s been exciting to round out our leadership team with an incredible amount of combined manufacturing and leadership experience to help us get to the next level.

Check back in to see updates from Sujit and other teammates as we continue to grow, add new technologies and optimize our operations. Exciting times ahead!

Watch the full interview here: